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"Wrath and Grace Ministries"  is a non profit organization that exists to create and distribute free digital content and resources, seeking to teach and inspire others to proclaim and enjoy the kingdom of God in the world. Your donation is a way of partnering with us and helping us continue with our mission.

Other ways to support Wrath and Grace Ministries:

  1. Pray for us: We are all ordinary brothers and sisters who are dependent on God for everything ( although we may forget). Your prayers, as the scripture says, can go a long way. Pray for our team. Pray that the Lord will sustain us, give us wisdom, and give us more of His grace to be salt and light in our families, in the church, and in the world.

  2. Share our content: Our mission is to inspire and teach others to enjoy and proclaim the kingdom of God in the world, and you can help us do this by sharing our content, resources and products with your friends and family, whether they believe in the Lord or not. We believe that as our work reaches more people, the Lord's grace can touch the lives of others.

  3. Buy our products: We have a store, here on our website and on our mobile app... You will find a variety of products that you can purchase that will not only allow you to obtain products designed and created to glorify God, but will also support our organization in generating income that we can use to continue investing in projects and to grow and support our team.

  4. Contracting our services: We have also have a studio, that in addition to serving our team and projects developed specifically by and for Wrath and Grace Ministries, also exists to serve other ministries, organizations, and churches. If you would like us to serve and work with you on any project, consider contracting our services. You can get quote for our services in the store section, at www.wrathandgrace.com/wrathandgracestudios or in the services section from our mobile app.