Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

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Front of Shirt: A multitude of sheep and a false prophet amongst them.

Back of Shirt: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. Matthew 7:15

Description: Do you know what to look for in a false prophet? Now according to the New Testament they fall into three categories, First are the heretics, these are the ones who openly defy the truth, the second is an apostate, an apostate is one who knows the truth, who was reared in the truth, who was around the truth but in the fullness of its understanding turned his back on it and rejected it, thirdly is the deceiver, and this is the one who never comes out against it, who will not accept the fact that he’s a heretic, who will not acknowledge apostasy but one who de­ceives, one who is the wolf in sheep’s clothing!
False prophets are Known by their fruits they are guided by pride, power, prestige, personality, promotion, they want to be famous, loved, they’re not interested in anybody persecuting them, they want to be popular. False prophets attract unbelievers due to itching ears. So be warned and be watching. Many of these false prophets are going to look like the real thing, they’re going to be very pleasant, very sincere people, talk about Jesus, talk about the Bible, talk about salvation, completely non-offensive, anxious to please everybody, accommodating to other people’ viewpoints, rarely critical of others, praised by many, condemned by few, large crowds will gather around them and listen to them and think they’re great, and they’ll be shoving those large crowds on the broad way that leads to destruction.They talk about the GRACE of God and not the WRATH of God, they talk about people being deprived and not being depraved, talk about God the Father of everybody, full of love and understanding and nothing about a holy God whose only children are those of faith in Christ. So “Beware!!”

Shirts are 100% Pre-shrunk Cotton

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