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Lemuel Haynes was a black American Revolutionary, Federalist Republican, and New Divinity Puritan abolitionist. He defies our modern racial, religious, and political categories. History knows him as the Black Puritan; this short biography presents him as the elephant in the American room. Learn his story within.


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    For the busy Christian who finds casual reading time hard to find, this is perfect. For the man of God who wants to learn a bit about a historical figure before embarking on a thousand-page journey, Walker’s biography does the trick.

    Seriously, every Christian’s life story will have its applications to our own lives, but Lemuel Haynes, known as “The Black Puritan” encountered particular circumstances and battles which we are facing today, namely ‘racism’ and how good theology informs our thinking and actions in regard to this evil. With the resurgence of racism in the news and at the forefront of everyone’s mind in our day, a review of what Haynes experienced…and how he dealt with it is appropriate and edifying for the man of God today.

    Read my full review here: https://thingsabove.us/review-lemuel-haynes-the-black-puritan/

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