Huguenot’s POLO “Military Green and Black”

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Front of POLO: The Huguenot Emblem on the left chest

Description: The Huguenot emblem, the Huguenot Cross of Languedoc, is riddled with meaning. The Huguenot Cross has four arms of equal length representing the four Gospels. The increasing width of these four arms signifies the progression of a believer’s sanctification. The two points on each arm equate to eight in total symbolizing the Eight Beatitudes (Matt. 5:3-10), while its V-like shape signifies the victory we have through Jesus Christ. Between these four arms lies the fleur-de-lis de-lis, a three petal-shaped symbol referring to the Triune nature of God. With twelve petals in-all, the four fleur-de-lis de-lis represent the Twelve Apostles. The four spaces in-between the four arms each form a heart-like shape symbolizing loyalty, suggests the seal of John Calvin, the love of Jesus, and His command to “Love one another.” Lastly, the descending dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit who is the Guide, and Counselor to His Church.

We here at Wrath & Grace, in remembrance of the Huguenot’s, have re-created the Huguenot Cross of Languedoc to honor their fundamental influence within the history of Christ’s Church. As we look back, and read through our history, we are personally reminded of the immeasurable grace of God poured out upon a sinful humanity. For though we all deserve God’s WRATH, He gives us GRACE through The LAMB OF GOD; THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH; our Lord, and Savior; Jesus Christ.

POLO’s are 100% Pre-shrunk Cotton.

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