He Is Risen

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Front of Shirt: The words “He Is Risen” on the top, an empty tomb, the crosses in the background, and tombstones of leaders of religions who lived and died and are still in their graves.
Back of Shirt: “And If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.” 1 Cor. 15:14
Description: The proclamation of the early church was born with the cry “He Is Risen.” The New Testament proclaims the Resurrection a historical fact. Authentic Christianity stands or falls with the space/time event of Jesus’ resurrection. One cannot consider themselves “Christian” without affirming the bodily resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.
This resurrection sets Jesus apart from every other central figure of world religions.
Mohammed is dead.
Confucius is dead.
Mohandas Gandhi is dead.
Joseph Smith Jr. is dead.
Aleister Crowley is dead.
Charles Taze Russel is dead.
Ellen G White is dead.
None of these people who started religions were sinless. None offered atonement and none were vindicated by resurrection. As a matter of fact they are all still in their graves.
Jesus Christ lived a perfect life and died a shameful death being crucified on a cross. For three days God was silent. Then God rolled the stone away and gave the still body of Christ Life. Jesus’ heart began to beat, pumping glorified blood through glorified arteries, sending glorified power to muscles rigor mortised by death. He walked out of that grave!
The empty grave not only confirms the hope to which we cling, it simultaneously offers even now the future resurrection life to each person found in Christ.
He was the sacrificial substitute for those who would confess with their mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and believes that God raised Him from the dead.
Without the resurrection, the cross is foolish indeed. If the resurrection did not happen, then we followers of Jesus, along with Paul, “are of all people most to be pitied” (1 Cor. 15:14)

Shirts are 100% Pre-shrunk Cotton.

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