The Doctrine of Balaam

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For decades the Church of Jesus Christ has been tossed to and fro during our abortion holocaust. For a variety of reasons her pulpits have largely been silent. The lack of biblical instruction, discipleship and discipline has weakened the understanding of professing Christian congregations with catastrophic effects. Nearly all of the education, training, and work done in this area has been outsourced to the secular prolife establishment. We are now at a point when pastors and leadership and average professing Christians assume that the secular prolife establishment doctrine and practice is the Christian position. The Doctrine of Balaam seeks to examine these doctrines that have crept into the church against scripture and the light of nature and will ask the Christian to stand with their Lord, regardless of circumstance and with His mind, say with Him “Thus says the Lord.”



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2 reviews for The Doctrine of Balaam

  1. Luke Walker

    My friend CR Cali has given the church a formidable weapon in its fight with abortion. This little book is a loud and clear trumpet to wake the drowsy citizens of Christ’s kingdom, a very sledgehammer of biblical truth and plain reason. If readers think the author has gone Martin Luther at times, let them be thankful that it is Luther and not Melanchthon. The hour calls for Luther.

  2. ErnieLail

    Wow! A well-written and very timely book! CR Cali calls us to take an honest look at the secular pro-life movement, through the lenses of God’s Word. Highly recommended!

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