Nick Kennicott

Pastor Nick has been at RBC since 2007, is married to Felicia and has two daughters, Eva and Abry, and a son, Nicholas. He is originally from Franktown, Colorado and has lived in the Savannah, Georgia area since 2003. Pastor Nick is a former US Army Airborne Ranger (1/75th Ranger Regiment) and combat veteran.

He is a graduate of The Baptist College of Florida and Knox Theological Seminary and is finalizing his PhD dissertation at Faulkner University ("Critical Theory, Postmodernism, and the West's Embrace of Marxism"). Pastor Nick is the founder and President of the Institute of Pastoral and Theological Training (IPTT) in Nigeria, and is dedicated full-time to the work of the ministry at RBC. He is co-author of In Praise of Old Guys: Pastoral Mentorship, Humility, and the Dangers of Youth, a co-host on Wrath and Grace Radio, a teacher with Kepler Education, a regular contributor to the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (Ref21 and the Christward Collective) and blogs at The Decablog. You can follow him on Twitter @kennicon.