Timothy Brindle

Timothy Brindle has been making Christ-centered hip-hop since 2003 in which he uses lyricism to expound the truth of Jesus in Scripture. His most recently released album and its corresponding book, The Unfolding, was written to show how the entire Bible is God’s one unfolding plan of redemption in Christ.

Timothy’s upbringing in the city of Pittsburgh immersed him into urban culture. As a non-Christian, Timothy began battle rapping in 1997 during his Junior year of high school. He migrated to Philadelphia in 1999 to pursue a career in underground hip-hop, as well as a life-style of wickedness. In God’s sovereign mercy, He rescued Timothy a week before 9/11/2001 from the authority of darkness, and transferred him into the Kingdom of His Beloved Son (Col. 1:13). Timothy’s salvation interrupted a secular solo project produced by Josh Wann (Deejay Essence), whom God also brought to saving faith. A few weeks later, he met Shai Linne who discipled him through the book of Romans, and helped him get plugged into a local church. The fruit of Timothy’s new life in Christ resulted in his first album, The Great Awakening (2003), released on Josh Wann’s new Christian Hip-hop label, Lamp Mode Recordings, which also released Killing Sin, The Restoration, and The Collective albums.

Formerly a public school teacher in the School District of Philadelphia and a Social Worker in North Philadelphia, Timothy Brindle sensed the call to gospel ministry and completed the Masters of Divinity program at Westminster Theological Seminary in May 2016, and the Master of Theology program in Old Testament in May 2020. He is currently in the PhD program in Old Testament, while serving full-time as the Senior Advancement Officer at Westminster. In their 16 years of marriage, Timothy and his wife Floriana have been blessed with 9 children, including 1 who has gone ahead to glory. Timothy Brindle is a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church of America and serves as Assistant Pastor at Olive Street Presbyterian Church.

omri Miles

omri was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. God saved him in February 2008, just four months before he moved to Arizona to join Grace Bible Church where he now serves as an elder full-time.

He holds a Masters of Arts in Biblical Counseling degree from The Master’s University (2016), a Masters of Divinity degree from  The Expositors Seminary (2020) and has served as a certified biblical counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors since 2018. Omri loves to study, counsel, preach, and teach God’s word as he provides shepherding oversight for various ministries in his local church. He lives in Phoenix with his wife, Emily, and their children (Chloe, Obadiah, Jonah, Ezekiel, and Nahshon).

J.W. Norman

James W. (J.W.) Norman III serves as an elder and the Staff Pastor of Preaching & Teaching at Berean Covenant Church in Midland, Georgia. In addition to preaching and teaching, he counsels through the church’s biblical counseling ministry.

J.W. holds a Master’s in Biblical Counseling from The Master’s University in Santa Clarita, California, a Master’s in Business Administration from Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia, and a Bachelor’s in Marketing from Columbus State University. He is a member of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) and is a certified instructor for Precept Ministries International.

J.W. resides in the suburbs north of Columbus, Georgia, where he was born and raised. He taught Sunday School and Bible studies, participated in various church music capacities, and served in many church leadership roles beginning in his late teen years. He began preaching part-time in 2001 and became a lay elder in 2003. He has been a full-time pastor since 2011. He is passionate about biblical exposition (verse-by-verse instruction) and is currently preaching through the book of Acts. Since 2001, He has taught over twenty inductive Bible study courses written and distributed by Precept Ministries International, including the books of Romans, Revelation, Hebrews, and most recently, Ezra. The Lord has given him a burden for those who are religious, but not genuinely converted, and for believers who are not consistently studying His Word on their own.

Prior to full-time ministry, J.W. worked for one of the world’s largest electronic payment processing companies, TSYS, Inc., for nineteen years. His responsibilities as Director of Instructional Technologies involved managing a team of instructional designers, videographers, and web designers. In 2006, he received The President’s Circle award, the company’s highest employee recognition. He also served for five years as a facilitator for the company’s behavioral skills and leadership training program.

J.W. married his wife, Trudi, in 1994, and they are founding members of Berean Covenant Church. Trudi teaches private piano lessons and serves the church as pianist and inductive Bible study teacher for ladies and children.
Omri Miles: "Discrimination and Disparities”. Do racial disparities prove discrimination? The Christian must love God with all of his mind, therefore in a culture that sees statistical disparities as indisputable proof of racial discrimination, this charge must be carefully examined according to Scripture. This session will equip you to practice discernment regarding this issue (which often unnecessarily confounds many Christians) by thinking biblically about accusations of racism and discrimination.

Timothy Brindle: "Ordering our Homes According to Scripture". What is God's design and role for the father, mother, and children?  As man-centered ideologies undermine God’s designed order for the family and home, Scripture give Christians all we need to know about our unique callings as men and women to influence our homes in powerful ways.  Fathers, in particular, will be challenged to embrace God’s calling to rise up and protect your home against the culture’s lies and ungodly influences.

J.W. Norman:  “Watch Your Language”. The secularists of our culture have mastered the art of using words as weapons.  They change the meanings of words like “man,” “woman,” “love,” “marriage,” “pride,” “democracy,” and even “race” to confuse people and control the public discourse.  They devise new terms like “homophobe,” “climate denier,” and “Christian nationalist” to smear and discredit those who oppose them.  Believers must not allow the forces of darkness to control the terms of debate and undermine eternal truths.  Christians surrender God’s truth when we “use fair names for foul sins.”  This session will equip you to resist the culture’s efforts to change the terms of debate by using biblical terminology to shine the light of truth on their deceptive use of words.