Christ the King of Hearts

“Yet to this day, the YAHWEH has not given you a heart to know, nor eyes to see, nor ears to hear.”

Who is Christ?

Christ is Yahweh, the creator of all, sustainer of all, and our God and King. In contrast to the kings from history and into the present, He exercises an absolute sovereignty. As it is written, what He pleases, He does (Ps 135:6). Christ is before all, and in him all things are held together (Col 1:17). He knits man together in the womb and is the one who determines what a man can or cannot do (Ps 139: 13; Ex 4:11). All of us are accounted as nothing, and none of us can question His judgment as He performs His will in the heavens and on the earth (Dan 4:35).

The King’s Goodness and His Grace

The King is good to all. All without qualification benefit from his goodness. For example, the rain falls on the just and unjust, and regardless of the degree of rebellion in your life, or even whether you have submitted to him as King, He has been kind to you throughout your whole life. There is a common benevolence with the king in which He is good to humanity even though mankind is not good in return. His Goodness is why good things happen to bad people, why good things happen to you. God is good, and that is why He must execute justice on those who are not. So, though He is good to all, His grace is particular. By definition nobody deserves His grace.

What is the Heart?

The heart is where mankind thinks, where our wisdom and skill reside, our affections and intentions, and where man retains knowledge (Ps 37:4; Hebrews 4:12). When it is hard, humanity is unable to understand the truth, and yet still is dependent on the heart to believe (Matt, 13:15-19; Rom 10:9). The problem is that by nature, the heart is thinking of doing evil continually, and due to the curse that befell mankind from Adams’s rebellion his children are deceived by it (Gen 6:5; 1 Cor 15:22). For it is written that the overflow of the heart comes out of our mouths, and in as much our throughs are open graves, our hearts being set to deceive, bring forth more and more condemnation (Luke 6:45; Psa 12:2). When sin occurs in the hearts, death is brought forth. In the heart of stone man is in rebellion against His King.

The King and My heart

The King of hearts, Christ, the King of kings, is first and foremost concerned with royal glory (Isa 49:11; Psa 106:7–8). What was a heart of stone is made a heart of flesh (Ezek 11:19). The Son, begotten not made, who shared Glory with the Father and Spirit from eternity past, in His perfect wisdom has seen fit to use the hearts of men to be a way in which He is most glorified (Eph 1:4–6). The merciful king has chosen to give new hearts to individuals who are undeserving, based on no merit of their own, so that they may understand, so that they may believe, and so that they would glorify Him (Isa 43:6–7). By His divine prerogative, they not only return to faithful worship but ultimately His glory, by means of this unmerited favor that He extends, is put on display. Though by nature enemies, children of wrath, having no good in them, God saves some (Eph 2:3–5). Also, He has made those who will ultimately suffer the just judgment so that His majesty in mercy is magnified (Rom 9:23). He has provided the only means in which that man may be made right, Christ’s substitutionary death for the penalty of His people (Isa 52:13–53:12).

Every Knee will bow

There are three kinds of people in this world. The first is the one who is in open rebellion. They are the kind that have nothing but disdain for their maker. Having been given over to a debased mind, they are not afraid to put it on display (Rom 1:26–31). In their folly they say things like, “there is no God” (Psa 14:1). The second is a religious actor. The actor puts on a show and is often convinced that the fantasy they play is the reality they live (Matt 7:22–23). They are the kind that talk about how much they love their King, but whether in their actions or thoughts they are treasonous traitors (Matt 5:18). They love the world and the things in it, or worse yet, they live moralistic lives but worship a version of God they have made with their minds.20 The third is the Slave of Christ, a Soldier of the Kingdom.21 They seek not to be distracted by civilian affairs, but to serve the one who enlisted them.22 They agonize to enter through the narrow gate.23 They have recognized that by His grace alone, Christ is their king. It is true that Christ is the sovereign king over all men and their hearts, but the question is this: Have you bowed the knee?

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